No Such Thing as Someday

Someday…maybe…one day. There is no such thing…there is only today. Peace for today…letting go of someday to be here…today. 

Could it be…

Could it be.. could it be… that You were just waiting for me to lose what was left of my ego so that all I have to offer is just me? I’ve never in my life wanted so much to surrender. I can’t keep the tears away from needing You. I can’t help my heart flooding open with the thought of being able to call You Daddy again. I don’t know where it’s going… but tonight in the wee hours… I have hope. Tomorrow – it’ll be three years since that night that I asked “How come they don’t have CowBois like you in Denver?”

Could it be that my prayers that I’d given up on so long ago just might get answered? If it’s God’s will… I’m willing to do whatever it takes!


yes… still. even though it can’t be…

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Ease and Grace

Hy’s been telling me all along to have peace in my life, and if I don’t, then change it. I kept trying to find peace even when things seem turned upside down around me, but somehow I couldn’t seem to find it way down deep in my soul. So, I kept praying that God would […]

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Princes and Such

Mine wears a CowBoi Hat and Boots and rides a quarter horse!!

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True Love Story


Almost two months ago… i thought Wwe were over. I’d braced myself for it all along, always pushing away so it wouldn’t hurt so much when it came. And now, Wwe are still here doing this beautiful dance of reaching across the miles, extending a soft word, spoken encouragement, quiet whispers of gentleness… quiet “I […]

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As I sit watching the fog on the California coast, I say goodbye to the part of my heart that was so wrapped up in You as it slowly takes a breath and knows that it has come to an end. Slowly, over the weeks and months I have been weaning it from You because […]

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Boots and Clouds


my wandering tendencies tossed me about and i landed somewhere up in the clouds staying far far away from anything real or sound then i saw You there on the ground Your Boots planted firmly in the earth i danced aimlessly to where You were hesitantly lighting next to You my senses a little less […]

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When Sleep Evades

i’ve been sleeping pretty peacefully for weeks now and I was up late into the night last night thinking about You. Peculiar how i didn’t even know You were sick but felt something across the miles that kept me awake. i’ll make sure to pay close attention the next time sleep evades me. Sending my […]

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Beyond Here

…sleep is lost on me tonight as i lie here thinking of and writing about You… this lil grrl’s heart wanders around in the dark sometimes… searching for You… knowing You’re there…just beyond the veil of dreams that elude me…across the boundaries of anything rational or coherent…and yet somehow i am settled in the knowledge […]

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